Rinsing daily with all natural H2Ocean Sea Salt Mouthwash keeps the acid in dental plaque low and prevents demineralization. Continued and prolonged daily use of H2Ocean Sea Salt Mouthwash creates a stable pH environment that prevents demineralization and hardens the lining of the cavities making untreated cavities less sensitive. H2Ocean Sea Salt Mouthwash is enhanced with xylitol, which is proven effective at preventing cavities.

Dental professionals are experiencing the unlimited potential of H2Ocean’s All Natural Sea Salt Mouth Rinse to ease oral discomfort and to assist with healing.

Sea Salt

Sea salt contains over 82 trace elements and minerals essential for creating the optimal healing environment.


Lysozyme is an enzyme that occurs naturally in tears, saliva, and other bodily fluids. Lysozyme’s natural function is to protect areas of the body that can be favorable environments for bacterial growth.


Xylitol enhances the remineralization of teeth, particularly in small decay spots beginning to form in the tooth enamel.

Pediatric Extraction

Dr. Reza Ardalan, DMD Past President, Florida Academy of Pediatric Dentistry

Osteoradionecrosis Extraction

Dr. Scott Middleton, DMD, MD

H2Ocean’s sea salt rinse does not hinder angiogenesis like the more astringent peroxides or chlorhexidines.